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Why The Middle Fork?
Why The Middle Fork?
There are few times in your life when you find a place that is so impressive, so majestic, so magical that you make a promise to yourself. The promise to return and share that exact spot with your loved ones. That special place is the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Don't need to take our word for it. Give it a try and we guarantee, on about day 3, taking in one of the many vistas, high above the magical Middle Fork, you will too...make the promise to return.

Some call it magic…We call it the Middle Fork.

Of course at RMRT we think a week on the Middle Fork of the Salmon is the best family vacation available.  Where else do you get the opportunity to completely unplug from a world of screens, tweets and status updates and plug-in to your family and friends.  No other vacation on earth provides such quality time like a 6 day trip through the largest wilderness in the lower 48.  But again, don’t take our word for it.

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Idaho's Wild Rivers

Nov 2011 Issue: Middle Fork of the Salmon featured in National Geographic


Top 10 Rivers in the World.

Top 10 Rivers in the World.

Click the image above to see where The Middle Fork of the Salmon compares to the worlds best rivers. Just imagine what the results would be if they added Rocky’s excellent food and amazing guides.

Best thing to do in Idaho

Middle Fork of the Salmon. #1 Thing to do in Idaho

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