Why Choose Rocky Mtn River Tours?

It takes a special mixture of fun, food, guides, wilderness, rapids and escape to pull off a life changing trip. At Rocky… we have perfected the recipe.

Why Rocky Mountain River Tours?

Focus – Rocky believes Idaho’s wilderness rivers offer the best rafting experience in the world.  In order to offer the best possible service to our guests we keep our operating area small and exclusively operate on the Middle Fork of the Salmon and Wild & Scenic Main Salmon.  We believe focusing on what we do best is the reason Rocky is a leader on the Middle fork and traditionally hosts more guests on our small group adventures than the competition.   

Guides – Over the past 40 years we have learned their are a  few essential ingredients that make a great river trip, a life changing adventure.  Great guides are the key.  Friendly, honest and professional guides are essential to a high quality, safe and memorable experience.  Our guides are not only posses exceptional rafting and cooking skills but for also have great personalities and life experiences off the river.  Each Rocky guide has the ability to safely navigate the rapids, but where they truly shine is their ability to relate and connect with all our guests,  create comfort in the wilderness, calm a nervous mother and put a smile on your child’s face.

Food – A key ingredient to an amazing trip.  Rocky prides itself on its Dutch oven traditions, fresh food and riverside fare.  Sheila Mills, Rocky founder and gourmet cookbook author, designs and oversees the menu and ingredients to guarantee freshness, taste and creativity. Guests can expect fresh and delicious food from the first lunch to the final dinner.  Fresh green salads, tasty appetizers, yummy deserts, dinner wine, gourmet coffee and mouth watering entrees are the norm, not the exception.  There is a reason why nearly every Rocky guests returns, some say its the river, in reality…its the food.

Equipment – Considering you are traveling through the largest wilderness in the US, feeling safe and comfortable is essential.  High quality, clean and updated camping equipment and river gear is a requirement for an enjoyable adventure.   Nothing ruins the pure air of the Frank Church Wilderness like a smelly life jacket.

Glamping – Your comfort is our highest priority.   Rocky provides new, laundered sleeping bags, large spacious tents, comfortable chairs, luxurious river mattresses and clean & private toilet facilities to ensure every guest is able to forget that they are “camping” and enjoy the most pristine wilderness in the US.

Service – Rocky Mountain River Tours is a small, family run operation.  Sharing Idaho rivers with you is our livelihood  and we take it very seriously.  We pride ourselves on exceptional service from the first phone call to the final farewell.  If you have question or need information you can expect to speak directly with the owner Jared.  If you send us an email or leave a voice mail  you can expect a timely and thorough response. It doesn’t happen, but if for some reason you are not satisfied, we will fix it… guaranteed.