About Us

2015-familyIn 2001, fresh out of of the University of Utah’s Commercial Recreation Management Program and a decade of experience in Utah’s ski tourism industry,  my wife and I (Jared & Roni Hopkinson) took the leap that only young, naive,  newly-weds would.  We chased our dreams and started  Sawtooth Adventure Company in the small, gorgeous mountain town of Stanley,   Idaho.

Sawtooth Adventure Company specialized in building trips for Sun Valley visitors and quickly became known for its awesome 1-day adventures in the Sawtooth Valley.  In 2007 Sawtooth Adventure Company jumped into multi-day trips on Idaho’s famous River of No Return, quickly rising to the #1 thing to do on tripadvisor.com.

Fast forward to 2012 with six successful seasons on the River of No Return,  Sawtooth Adventure Company was ready to take another leap. This time onto the world-renowned Middle Fork of the Salmon. The best river trip in the world!   Rocky Mountain River Tours, founded in the 1970’s by Dave & Sheila Mills, was a leading operation on the river known for its great guide-family and amazing food.  The perfect match. 

Jump to 2015.  The combination of the RMRT’s history and SAC’s superior customer service has resulted in rave reviews and sold out summers. The future is bright for Rocky Mountain River Tours  as we continue to evolve, grow and find our stride.  With the wind in our sails following a sold out, super successful 2015 season, we are excited for what 2016 holds.

2016 will bring new gear, an updated menu and most importantly a new boathouse in Stanley, the permanent home for the Rocky Mountain River Tours operations. Keep an eye out for our August and September fly fishing trips with Salmon River Anglers.  We will be bringing 12 years experience offering high-end, guided float fly fishing trips to Sun Valley anglers too the trout infested waters of the Middle Fork.

2017 will be known for record water levels.  Sometimes too much of a good thing…is simply too much.   The 16/17 winter season was almost too much.  Stanley Warehouses collapsed, and snow shoveling became Stanleyites daily routine.    We started the 2017 season with a 4 day, 180 mile high water training trip on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon and ended the season with a snowstorm on our September 18th Fishing trip.