Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River is considered the #1 wilderness river trip in America. Over 100 free flowing miles of pure wilderness, great whitewater, natural hotsprings, history, wildlife, blue ribbon fly fishing and vast vistas. Rocky Mountain River Tours is regarded as one of the finest river outfitters in the world dedicated to excellence in adventure travel and delicious Dutch oven cooking since 1978. We have a rich history on the Middle Fork and are most recognized for award winning food, comfortable accommodations, knowledgeable fun loving guides, and superior customer service.

2024 & 2025 Middle Fork Trip Dates & Rates

Why The Middle Fork?

In a world of smartphones, Ipads, log-ins, tweets and status updates, more than ever before we need to create opportunities to unplug from the hustle and reconnect with our friends and family.  The Middle Fork of the Salmon offers the perfect setting to reboot and recharge your soul.

The River

“The Middle Fork of the Salmon is not so much a river as an exuberant expression of water at play. It tumbles and turns and trips over itself for a hundred miles through the largest unbroken wilderness in the lower 48. The 2.3-million-acre Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness, named for the pristine Salmon River gorge and the Idaho senator who made sure most of its vast watershed would stay that way. No dams temper its flow. No roads line its banks. It dances down its canyon much as it has since the glaciers receded 10,000 years ago—in spring as a raging, tree-felling torrent, in late summer as a spare, crystalline rivulet.”

-By Joel K. Bourne, Jr., National Geographic Magazine

The Ride

Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon rips down 100 miles of road-less, relatively untouched land.  Its reputation for white water rafting is no exaggeration.  Depending of the time of year, visitors can expect constant big bumps or more amicable white water rapids that never fail to thrill.  June is a whitewater jewel, July is perfect for all abilities and August offers great rapids and even better fishing.  The reason the Middle Fork of the Salmon has such dependable white water is the 3000 ft drop in altitude from start to finish. One hundred miles of rapids with a few eddies thrown in for a brief break. Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon is #1 for a reason and has been run for decades by all ages and abilities.

The Experience

Rocky Mountain River Tours has a 36 year tradition of top-shelf, customer oriented wilderness river adventures.  The combination of a magical river, comfortable camping, amazing guides, and award winning Dutch oven cuisine has the ability to sway the naysayers into annual guests. The magic of the Middle Fork extends way beyond the banks.  Rocky guides love to share the river’s wildlife, trials, history, hotsprings and vistas with each and every guest.  Give the magic of the Middle Fork a chance…we promise it will be an adventure of a lifetime.