Middle Fork Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork in August and September is a surreal experience.    It has all the ingredients…Gin-clear water, native trout and we use large, easy-to-see dry flys and Hoppers.  The combination is a phenomenal fishing experience for both the seasoned angler and the never-ever.

Westslope cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki lewisi)  is a beautiful native fish, known for its bright colors and dark spots.  The Middle Fork Westy is not the largest brother in the trout family (10-18 inches)., but what they lack in size, they make up for in vigor.

Middle Fork Camp Life

Our guests dream of the Middle Fork’s rapids, rafting and whitewater.  What they learn…the rafting is a small piece of a much bigger experience.  Time off the river exploring history, relaxing in our comfortable camps, playing games, eating great food, enjoying good conversation and making new friends is the true story.

Middle Fork Hot Springs

No other river trip in America can offer the quantity and quality of natural hotsprings found along the shores of Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River.  While the River of No Return prefers quality over quantity, and boast arguably the best hot spring in the West.

This video Rocky Food is part of a video series illustrating the magic found on a Wilderness River Trip.

“I am a Foodie. In my eyes, every vacation must have yummy wine and interesting food.  I heard all the hype prior to our trip from our friends, but I was a skeptic.    The quality of the ingredients, the flavors, the freshness.  It is hard to accomplish all of this in one’s home. The fact that they create these meals for 30 people,  in the wilderness,  in Dutch Ovens is mind boggling”

-Kris C. Seattle Washington.  2014 Middle Fork Guest