What do I need to bring?

Personal Gear List – (What to bring):

We provide everything but your toothbrush and smiles, including Type V life jackets, tents, camp chairs, sleeping bags, mattress pads, pillows, dry bags for your personal clothing, and a sanitary portable toilet system- privacy assured.

River Clothing:

  • 2 Swim Suits – Board shorts and sun shirts work best
  • Rain Jacket – Essential!  For rain & splashes.
  • Gore-Tex shell works great. Can be rented at Riverwear
  • River Shirt – Light colored, button up, long sleeve cotton/synthetic.  Helps protect from sun.
  • Neoprene River Socks – Highly recommended on June trips or if your toes get especially cold.
  • 1 Pair River Sandals  –  Teva, Chaco, Keen.  Closed toe recommended.
  • Sun hat or visor
  • Sunglasses – If you can’t live without them, bring a spare.

Camp Clothes:

  • 2 Pair Shorts
  • 2 Pair Pants – One should be non-cotton.  (Jeans are cotton.)
  • 3 or 4 Shirts
  • 1 Fleece or Synthetic Jacket
  • Warm Jacket or Heavy Sweatshirt
  • Non Cotton Lightweight layer – Top and bottom – (Under Armor, Patagonia, etc)
  • Sleeping Clothes – Lightweight cotton t-shirt, pajama bottoms, scrubs, etc.
  • Camp Shoes – Trail or running shoes work well around camp and on hikes.
  • 3 Pairs Socks – One pair non-cotton.
  • Sun Block (lots) & Bug Repellantv
  • Gloves & Beanie – Nights can get chilly.
  • Beach Towel
  • Water Bottle – Needs a tight sealing lid (Nalgene).
  • Toiletries – Dr. Bronner’s Soap, hand/face wipes, lotion.  Preferably with no scent, it attracts bugs.v
  • 10 Ziploc bags in various sizes
  • Flashlight or headlamp (small)
  • Pillow – Your favorite standard size pillow with darker pillow case. (We will provide if necessary)
  • Your favorite travel mug – For coffee and tea.

Personal items – Musical instruments (bring at your own risk), camera, playing cards, book, i-pod(with earphones), small backpack, games, band-aids, favorite snack, favorite sipping beverage (no glass bottles), etc.

www.Riverwear.com – Riverwear Sporting Goods store located in Stanley, ID.  Call 800-753-4495
Beer, wine, liquor and soft drinks can be purchased at the Sawtooth Mercantile in Stanley.
Make these purchases prior to the pre– trip meeting.