4-Day Middle Fork

Rocky’s June 4th Middle Fork Adventure is catered to guests seeking the Middle Fork’s world renowned whitewater. The fun, action packed rapids are complimented by electric green foliage, amazing side stream waterfalls and a canyon to yourselves. The early season nature of this trip is unique to the Middle Fork. Guests experience ample time to hike and explore the canyon, private soaks in numerous hot springs and the opportunity to witness mother nature’s delicate power.

Trip Details

Trip Dates – June 4th thru June 7. Meet in Stanley, Idaho June 3rd
Price – Adults (13+) $1495

Call Jared (208.345.2400) or Contact Us for availability.  We HOLD seats for 7 days without a deposit while you rally your group

Trip Notes – Rocky’s June 4th trip is an excellent opportunity to experience the Middle Fork’s world class whitewater.  Early June is a special time on the Middle Fork.  The Frank Church wilderness is bursting from its winter hibernation with tons of action packed rapids, amazing green foliage, innumerable side stream waterfalls and wildlife taking advantage of springs bounty.

The Rocky Crew – Our June 4th trip draws our most experienced guides away from their professional lives back to the Middle Fork for some well deserved River Therapy. They are professional, intelligent, hard working, classy individuals that love to share the river and its secrets with our guests.

Food – Dutch oven cuisine is a specialty of Rocky Mountain River Tours. Sheila Mills, RMRT founder, is recognized nationally as a premier Dutch oven innovator and author. From sticky buns to gourmet delights like Pecan-Crusted Pork Tenderloin Pinwheels.  Rocky’s tradition of fine food complements the Middle Fork itself.  Buy Sheila’s The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook to gain a glimpse on what to expect during your Middle Fork Adventure. We are happy to accommodate special dietary requirements.

Boat Options – Rocky’s June 4th trip includes oar boats and oar-assist paddle boats to accommodate all comfort levels.

Beyond the Banks – Rocky’s June 4th Trip offers world class whitewater, but also ample time for hiking, exploring waterfalls, discovering pictographs, experiencing historical homesteads, soaking in natural hot springs and witnessing wildlife. The Frank Church Wilderness & Middle Fork of the Salmon offer one of America’s most awe-inspiring landscapes and its mysteries extend beyond the river.

Rapids – Fun Class II, II, III and IV Rapids.


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting There

Fly into Boise via United, Delta, Frontier, Northwest, Southwest and Horizon. Plan to arrive in Boise the day before your trip with plenty of time to get to Stanley. We will meet the group at 6:30 p.m. in front of the Mountain Village Lodge. Transportation from Boise Airport to Mountain Village Lodge in Stanley is easy and can be arranged with car rental companies, Sawtooth Flying Service or Caldwell Transportation. Driving time from Boise to Stanley is 3 hours and air taxi flight time is 45 minutes.
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What is a typical day like?

Coffee, tea, and juice by 7:00 a.m. Fresh breakfast from scratch around 8:00-8:30. Following breakfast, the guides break camp and prepare the rafts for a mid-morning departure. We spend the morning exploring the Middle Fork, seeking out the perfect stop for our midday gourmet lunch. Following lunch we continue downstream exploring hot springs, fun rapids and historic homesteads. We will arrive at our evening’s camp by late afternoon. After setting up your tent and settling in you are free to go for a hike, go fishing, read a good book and relax. Appetizers are served around 7:00 and dinner around 7:30.

4 or 5 hours on the river is typical, although some river days are shorter and some are longer. Remember this is a vacation, we maintain a leisurely pace and stop to check out historical sites, take a swim, fish a good hole, or to visit a point of interest. The length of time on the water varies with water levels.
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Will I be comfortable camping?

Most of our guests would not describe themselves as campers, in reality most claim “I do not camp” prior to their week on the Middle Fork. Rocky’s comfy camping techniques have been making our guests camping converts for the last 30 years. River camping is not ‘roughing it’… it’s easy, comfortable, and great fun. We bring along everything but the kitchen sink to ensure your comfort. Rocky provides freshly laundered, spacious sleeping bags, thick & comfy river mattresses, 3 person Mountain Hardware dome tents for two, comfortable camp chairs, and a huge sun/rain canopy. Most important we bring along our clean and private backcountry toilet system that will remind you of home…but with an amazing view while you take care of business. Running water hand wash systems are always available. We allow guests to choose their own tent site (find some privacy, escape the kids, or distance yourself from the snoring neighbor) and pitching it is fun and easy after a guide demonstration on the first night in camp.
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How many people to a tent?

Two people in our 3-person tents, big enough for a small revival meeting. If you like to snuggle or make it a party they fit 4 people.
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What is the size of the group?

Our maximum group size is 24 guests with 6 guides.
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What type of rafts do you use?

Sweep Boat- This is our 18 wheeler supply boat-this carries duffel, camp and kitchen gear…everything including the kitchen sink. No guests ride on this craft. Oar boats-controlled by a guide rowing with oars. Up to 5 guests can ride on this raft. The perfect choice for those wanting to sit back, relax and take in the scenery or fish.

Paddle rafts-controlled by a team of guests and a guide; everybody paddles and the guide captains the team of 6 guests. This is the Ferrari of our fleet. Fun, maneuverable, wet and the 6 person team creates an unmatched camaraderie amongst strangers.

Inflatable kayaks-used in selected portions of a trip and are an absolute BLAST! No experience is necessary. The guides will offer an instructional and safety demonstration.
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What about fishing?

The Middle Fork is a designated blue ribbon trout stream and considered the BEST multi-day fly fishing experience in the US. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get your fish fix, or learn the art of the fly cast. The Middle Fork is a dry fly fishing dream. Let us know if you are interested in fishing and we will send you all the information you need including current conditions, licensing, flies, and gear rental.
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Difference between fishing on a summer raft trip and September float fishing trip with Salmon River Anglers?

Fishing is welcome and recommended on all rafting trips. Every fall our Salmon River Angler fishing guides from across the west cumulate on the Middle Fork when the fishing is prime. native west slope Cutthroat trout are abundant and the fishing is magic. Our September fishing trips are reserved for those that want to fish, every day, all day. We bring along a blend of 2 person Middle Fork specific fishing rigs and oar boats. Anglers will get a choice of fishing from a boat with a guide, or part of a guided Walk & Wade group that gets to explore the amazing side streams and confluences of the Middle Fork.
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Can I go on a September trip if I am not an experienced fly fisherman?

YES! The Middle Fork is an amazing place to learn to fish and SRA guides do a phenomenal job of teaching beginners yet are sensi masters on putting veterans on fish …all day long. Often times we will have couples where one is a trout-addict and the other prefers the views, food, and reading a good book. Either way, get ready for the trip of a lifetime.
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What about beverages?

Water is always available on every raft and in camp. The guides serve Rimini roasted coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice, apple-cranberry juices, an assortment of teas, lemonade, dinner wines, margaritas one night and champagne another.

Refreshing drinks are desirable on the trips so bring plenty, such as a case of your favorite soda, canned beer, bottles of wine, mixers and liquor. We will collect personal drinks at the river put-in, please do not try to store them in your personal bags. We have cooler and dry boxes in which to carry them. Beverages are available at the Sawtooth Mercantile in Stanley across the road from Mountain Village Lodge. No liquor sales on Sundays, beer and wine only.
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How should I dress on the river and in camp?

If you follow our “Checklist” according to the time of year you are going on the river you will be comfortable. Avoid wearing cotton clothing on the rafts because once they become wet, they will take forever to dry. Cotton clothes are comfortable and great for camp.

On the rafts, guides typically wear nylon shorts, T-shirt or quick dry sun shirt, cap/visor, sandals (with heel straps) or tennis shoes, and keep rain gear and a polypro layer handy in a day bag (we supply) in case the weather turns chilly. If you are going on an early spring trip, you will need to dress accordingly. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses!
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What do I do with my phone?

In the old days we asked you to leave them at home. In today’s world we understand that many of you use your phone for your camera, music, notepad, book etc. If you choose to listen to music, earphones are required. Consider a waterproof case or a Zippy to keep it safe and dry. There is absolutely ZERO cell service once we leave Stanley. Thank god.
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Are there lots of biting bugs?

This is where the Middle Fork rises above every other river in the world. For some reason biting insects don’t dig the Middle Fork. We experience almost no mosquitoes and no black flies on the trips. Occasionally, we will have one night of mosquitoes and encounter some horse flies during the day on the upper portion of the Middle Fork. If you are allergic to bees please let us know and bring your Epi-pen. Most likely you won’t even see one.
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What about trip insurance?

We highly encourage the purchase of Travel X vacation trip insurance. Due to the popularity of our Middle Fork trips we do not offer refunds, not to mention we operate in the largest Wilderness in the United States. Forest fires, floods, drought, weather and a number of other factors can cancel a trip at anytime. Again, we highly recommend Trip Insurance.
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Are there bugs?

Thankfully there are very few bugs on our whitewater river trips. The constant moving water does not provide the stagnant water required for mosquito. We agree...AWESOME!!!
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What additional expenses can I expect?

Rocky Mountain Trips are all inclusive. The variables are gratuity, personal beverages, souvenirs or ice cream at a riverside ranch, and the potential charter flight. Water levels, road conditions, and other factors can result in a mandatory flight from Stanley to the river’s edge at the beginning of your trip. If this is the case, flight cost is $120 additional per person and will be collected during the pre-trip orientation. Cash, check or card.
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What about luggage and car storage?

Mountain Village Lodge offers free, secure luggage storage to Rocky Mountain River Tours’ guests. They also offer a parking lot if you drive to Stanley.
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Can I purchase books, maps & pamphlets about the middle fork?

Yes. You will find a great selection at Riverwear. But you can also find the following on Amazon.com. We recommend the following:

  • The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook, Second Edition by Sheila Mills
  • The Middle Fork–a Guide by Carrey & Conley
  • Middle Fork Guide Book, Matt Leidecker.
  • The Middle Fork of the Salmon Map & Guide.

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Do you accept credit cards?

We will always accept cash and checks for payment. Starting in 2013 we offer safe and secure credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa) payment through the www.rafttrips.com website. We are happy to reserve space for 10 days via telephone or email.
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What is the best way to get in touch with you?

Email is the best way to get a hold of Rocky, especially as the summer season begins. During the summer season are days are busy and we are in/out of phone range during business hours. Email works great because we can respond in the late evenings and wee hours of the morning. You can always call 208.345.2400 and leave a message. It follows us everywhere we go from Idaho to Nicaragua to Mexico and beyond.
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What our Guests are saying…

“The early June trips are kind of special – typically high water, the guests are especially adventuresome and eager to have a great time. The beautiful early summer alpine climate of the upper Middle Fork adds to the special nature of the trip. Of course, the guides are also pumped about starting a new season in such a splendid place. You always finish the June trips with great stories and new friends. Believe me.”

40 trips over 30 years – Mark Williams

Early Season Middle Fork

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