Life Inside the Rocky Warehouse

Jonna – Warehouse Extraordinaire 

Although working behind the scenes, Jonna is an imperative member of the Rocky Mountain River Tours team. Without her, our food prep, purchasing, and cooking would be absolute mayhem. 

About Jonna 

During the summers, Jonna is the person that keeps the gears of Rocky turning behind the scenes. Coming from Port Angeles, Washington Jonna loves the outdoors and being active. In her free time, she loves to explore the mountains that are just outside her backdoor step. Along with this, Jonna is a pilates teacher. In fact, she offers an amplitude of different services which range from sport-specific training, personalized fitness plans, and virtual group classes. Make sure to visit her website and check out all of the exciting things she has to offer.

Along with this, Jonna is married to Thomas who is a Middle Fork guide for Rocky. During the summer, she and Thomas have limited time together but always have fun when they both have the opportunity to spend time in Stanley. Along with spending time with Thomas, Jonna has her sidekick Finny. Although small, Finny the dog has a big personality. He is constantly curious about what is going on in the Rocky warehouse, especially when the Middle and Main trips are rigging to go back out on the river. 

At Rocky

Although Jonna enjoys spending her time in the outdoors and moving around, most of her time in Stanley is spent in the warehouse. Over the course of the season, Jonna prepares food for twenty-one multi-day trips. Each of these trips has twenty-four people on it which ultimately adds up to feeding five hundred four people over the course of the season. During our multiday trips, we feed guests three meals every day for five and a half days. This ultimately means that Jonna is prepping for eight thousand five hundred meals every summer! 

Along with prepping for the insane amount of meals that the Main Salmon and Middle Fork trips require, Jonna also bakes all of the sweetbreads that the guides take out on their trips. This is a whole lot of baking due to the fact that each trip serves sweetbread for breakfast on the last day of the trip. 

Even after all of this preparation and planning, Jonna still accommodates guests’ food allergies. She is very caring and conscious of making sure that everyone has delicious food that they can eat. She takes into account all sorts of different allergies along with making sure there is food for any vegan or vegetarian guests. 

Delivery Trips

All of this cooking and prepping requires a whole lot of groceries. Throughout the summer, Jonna makes grocery trips to Boise where she picks up ample amounts of food to prepare for the upcoming trips. On these grocery runs, Jonna makes sure to buy enough La Croix, Modelo, and charcoal for the guides and guests to use while they are on the river. Even more important, she makes sure to pick up ALL of the ingredients that the delicious meals require. 

Thank you Jonna for everything you do for Rocky! We would not be able to run smoothly without you!

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