Rocky Guides are the best in the business, but don't take our word for it

Rocky's River of No Return Guide Crew
Rocky’s River of No Return Guide Crew

I always claim our guides are the best in the business, though some might say I have a biased opinion.  This last week I have received a copious amount of great customer feedback.  This particular email I had too share.  The irony…this person did not go on  a Rocky Mountain River Tours Trip,  but felt she felt the need to send me a quick note…..

“I just got home from a private trip on the Main.  I have done this river privately 7 times but always have trouble describing the experience to friends who can’t even image a trek like this.  I have several friends here in Fort Collins, CO that I will be referring to your company, as I know they would love this experience, but do not have the gear or know-how to do a private trip.  Your guides on the river are a full cut above the rest.  When we crossed paths with your groups, the guides were always happy to offer help (even offering to help me at the put-in fill water and carry it to our raft), polite, courteous, and knowledgeable.  It seems they not only have river training, but are well-versed in hospitality practices, even beyond their groups.  Your company is without a doubt the best on the river.  Great work!”

-Emily from Colorado, July 20, 2016

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