Earthquake in the Middle Fork of the Salmon drainage

A massive 6.5 Earthquake struck “Shake Creek” in the upper reaches of the Middle Fork on March 31st.  The irony is especially fitting considering today is April 1, 2020.

Initial reports from Stanley are positive with little, if any property damage.  The quake occurred along an un-mapped, vertical fault in the Salmon/Challis National Forest.  The tremors were reported 350 miles south in Salt Lake City as a low steady vibration.  

Avalanches and Rock fall are a real possibility within in the Middle Fork corridor.  We are watching the river level gauges closely.  Currently show no obvious signs of blockages. The possibility of new, or changed rapids this year is kind of an exciting silver lining in the current chaos.  Stay tuned here  for more info as we get it.  

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