How Do You Win Grandpa of the Year?....Take the Kids on an Idaho Raft Trip.

Sawtooth Adventure Company hosted Grandpa Berney on our 2010 Annual Kids Trip.  He had such a great experience he has become one of our guest bloggers.  Check out what Grandpa Berney is thinking for 2013…

“The Sawtooth Adventure Company and Rocky Mountain River Tours merger sounds great. I haven’t been down the Middle Fork with Rocky, but have a friend that boasts their guides, food, wine and overall experience as A+ .  My wife and I are thinking an August trip with  a few of our grandchildren would be the perfect choice. We  went down the Main  Salmon with two of our grandchildren (9 and 11) on SAC’s kids trip in 2010.  That was the year I was crowned Grandpa of the Year.

grandpaLast fall we spent five days at Disneyland with our grandchildren.  It was a great experience, but it didn’t compare to our experience on the river.   The grandkids were always busy riding in a raft with kids their age, inflatable kayaking with me, stand-up paddle boarding beside the raft, or kayaking with the guides.  At camp they played beach games, built sand-castles for their tiny pet fish and learned a number of card games from the guides.  I think it had something to do with guides specifically assigned to entertain the kids (Kid Gurus). The amazing part to me was that the I could have an adult  conversation on the raft, enjoy a quiet drink at camp, or take in the wilderness experience, but still had an amazing bonding experience with the kids. No crowds, no screaming kids, no discussion about where to eat, no looking for a parking spot, and no long lines.  We saw bears, bald eagles and mountain sheep on nearly a daily basis.  One evening,  two large male mountain sheep hung around camp so long, I thought they were going to join us for dinner.


IK-dad-and-son I am thinking about the Middle Fork in August.   I get all of the above, plus a Blue Ribbon trout fishery. Think about it, I get credit for showing the grandkids a wonderful time, while I relax and catch some trout.  Hopefully their parents don’t read this… I might lose my title as Grandpa of the Year.”

-Grandpa Berney





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