The Middle Fork's Rocky Crew...Wow!


As the new owner of Rocky Mtn River Tours my first summer has been an education, a baptism by fire if you will.  I have learned an amazing amount about operating on the Middle Fork  from Dave & Sheila’s 35+years of experience.  But the true education is coming from the guides. Dave & Sheila, like a broken record, touted why the Rocky Crew is the best on the Middle Fork.  I knew they would be good, but I had no idea how good.  This 6 person crew has been working together for years.  It is obvious in their chemistry and orchestrated ability to get the job done in style.  They do an amazing job,  but the one thing that constantly exceeds my expectations is their connection with our loyal clients and new guests.  We have a number guests that return year after year solely to spend a week in the wilderness with their river friends.   The Rocky crew’s genuine connection and personal friendships with our guests is truly impressive and something as the new owner I am very humbled by and thankful for.  Thank you!

See you downriver,

Jared H.

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